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A Photographic Exhibition by Mikael Eliasson
16 December to 12 February 2011

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In Resemblance, Mikael Eliasson presents a collection of unique individuals, intrinsically linked by the strongest of bonds- family.
Gently constructed and acutely considered, only a short moment in time is shared between photographer and sitter before the façade disappears and their true character is exposed.

Eliasson’s main focus is the sitter’s eyes, capturing their portrait in a way that isolates them, sharply, against their hazy backgrounds and brings the viewers gaze deep into that of the sitters.

Eliasson has documented a range of families over the past year, from his own extended family and close friends, to individuals from local family businesses who play a part in his everyday.

Resemblance is an ongoing project studying not only the beauty that lies in the inherent facial similarities of individuals within a family, but also the genuine charm of the characteristics that clearly set us apart from our relatives.

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Exit Gallery
Claire de Rouen Books
1st Level, 121-125 Charing Cross Road
 London, WC2H OEW

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